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Do you know about web Transparency and Accessibility section?

Conveying trust and honesty to citizens

There is a transparency and accessibility law in Spain since 2013 that establishes citizens’ right to access information on public activities. Its objective is to improve honesty and increase citizens’ trust towards public administrations.

Therefore, all public entities must have a transparency portal that channels information and encourages participation in the management of public affairs.

Who is it for?

All public entities.

How does it work?

It is a process of continuous improvement. First, an analysis where the current situation is assessed and compared with the requirements of the Transparency Commissioner, is carried out.

Secondly, the section with the required elements is included in the web. Improvements, where the Commissioner’s evaluations and their contributions are taken into account, are added afterwards.

Finally, a diagnosis is made where, after inserting improvements, the Transparency Commissioner makes an evaluation and assigns a final grade.

What are the benefits?

Citizens get to know about and follow the actions of authorities. Social participation for decisions and public affairs is encouraged, and trust is strengthened.

It also helps improve society’s life with relevant information, such as government grants. It fosters transparency and accountability by promoting honesty and complying with state and regional legal frameworks.

Success stories

During the I Canarian Day of Digital Transparency and Right to Access that took place in 2019, Canary Islands Excellence Awards were granted to three of the entities that we worked with side by side. Currently, due to present circumstances, a second day of awards could not take place, however, awards were assigned again to three organizations that we work with daily:

  • Insular Energy Council: 8.93 / 10
  • Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society: 9.37 / 10
  • Canary Islands Technological Institute: 10/10

How can we help you?

At 2Coders we are experts in custom software development and in management and implementation of portals or sections of transparency and accessibility for public entities.

As the annual evaluation date approaches, we advise you throughout the process and provide support so that you can make it on time for the presentation.